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Surf Smart Program

$ 648 Lifetime Membership To The Best Surf Community
  • The Largest and Most Interactive Surf Community
  • 9 Modules | PDFs | 300+ Videos
  • Structured Surf Coaching Roadmap
  • Issue Based Surf Coaching. Fix Your ........
  • A Proven Method to accelerate your surfing within weeks
  • Follow along every week or go at your own pace
  • Detailed explanations & Insights
  • Mix of Land and Water Based Training
  • Easy To Follow Along Drills
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Structured Pathway

Tell me What To Do Next

The structured pathway is the ideal place to start. It will teach you the concepts as you need to know them. If your surfing needs a reboot then we reccomened starting with the 12 weekly sessions of structured coaching from Clayton. 

This pathway creates small wins in your surfing, subtle changes but over the full 12 sessions these wins will add up and create a lasting change in your surfing.

Each session builds of the previous and has easy to follow land and water drills, guidance and a progression pathway to develop your style, technique and confidence.

Fix Your Issue

I'm Struggling with .........

As you identify the areas you are struggling in you can dive into 8 modules that are designed to help you fix your issue.

Meet Your Coach

Taught by Clayton Nienaber who has been a pro surfer, shaper & surf coach that’s worked with some of the best surfers on the planet.

Why Waste Your Time Time Hunting For Good Info In Bad Places?

Don’t waste your life duct-taping together a patch job surfing education from free guides (mmm…upsells), fishing online and sitting through countless hours of untargeted YouTube videos.

Wouldn’t it be smarter to get the best stuff from the source?

Are You Frustrated, Stuck or Stagnant?

Don’t Waste More Time Blindly Trying to Improve


Program Content

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The 12 Week Accelerated Surfing Program
Preparing Yourself to Progress
Week 1 – Building the Foundation
Week 2 – Becoming a Wave Magnet
Week 3 – Learning to Feel the Movements
Week 4 – Coordinating Your Movements
Lesson Content
0% Complete 0/1 Steps
Lesson Content
0% Complete 0/1 Steps
Week 5 – Developing Control
Week 6 – Set Up For Success
Week 7 – Learning Efficiency of Movement & Style
Week 8 – Three Dimensional Surfing
Lesson Content
0% Complete 0/1 Steps
Week 9 – Why so Serious
Week 10 – Finding control in being off balance
Lesson Content
0% Complete 0/1 Steps
Week 11 – Amplify Your Speed & Power
Lesson Content
0% Complete 0/1 Steps
Week 12 – Joining the Dots
Lesson Content
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Review & What's Next

Program Content

Finding success before you've even entered the water
Control Your Mind or It Will Control You
Creating Flow in the Water
Getting Over the Fear
Utilising Your Mind to Progress Your Surfing


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Try the program, use it, practice at home and if you don’t feel the program has provided you any value or isn’t helping you, simply contact us and we’ll sort it out. It’s that easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you have lifetime access to the program and it’ll record and keep your progress or you can clear it and start again when you want to refresh

You can download our app “OMBE Surf” and access all of your programs anytime. You can also access the programs through the website. Progress is sync’d between both the website and the app.

A new surfboard is amazing, feels great and gets us excited, but doesn’t suddenly make us a better surfer.

Starting on the accelerated surfing program is an investment into your surfing technique, knowledge and ability. This will ensure on any surfboard you will be able to perform as you will be able to control the surfboard based on its design to perform the way you want it.

No you don’t need any equipment to start. Not even a surfboard. 

Across the program as you progress, you will want to get a surf skateboard and bosu ball to continue working on the drills, but you can start and have plenty of training to do before you get to those parts. Feel free to try the program before you buy the gear. 

The only way to get the 12 Week Program is through the Accelerated Surfing Program. This is becuase the 12 Week Program is the structure and guidance to the whole Accelerated Surfing PRogram. It will introduce you to all of the training topics. 

After the 12 Week Program, you will know what your weakenesses are and then you can continue your training with the individual modules that focus on those weakpoints.

No, you can do the 12 Week Program if you are land-locked or have long waits between surfs. 

The program has flexibility in built to it and you can move any water-based drills to another week or save them up until you get to the beach.
More time in the water doesn’t equal a faster progression. the main focus is on land-based drills to build your muscle memory and then take that experience into the water so you can repeat it without all of the pressure.

We believe so strongly in this program and it has helped thousands of surfers improve their surfing that we are happy to offer a 14 week money back guarantee for you to try it out. This is a game changing program and we want you to feel like you can try it out without fear of it being a waste of money.

Try the program, use it, practice at home and if you don’t feel the program has provided you any value or isn’t helping you, simply contact us and we’ll sort it out. It’s that easy.

It will automatically unlock and enroll you in the program after checkout. 
You can start Week 0 and all of the prep training right now!

The Accelerted Surfing Program is for any surfer. Seriously!

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced surfer, the program is designed for you.

The OMBE method has four levels of surf simulation training on land that beginners to advanced surfers of all ages can participate in. Every drill is designed around achieving a feeling and understanding, rather than just repeat X reps.

  1. Carboard Surfer Training
  2. Bosu Surfer Training
  3. Surf Skate Street Training
  4. Surf Skate On A Ramp Or Street Bank

This means for any surfer, it’s a case of how much time you need on certain drills and everyone will have different rates of learning.

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