Become a better surfer, learn proper technique, develop style AND DOMINATE YOUR FEARS

The Accelerated Surfing Program Developed by Clayton Nienaber
Professional Surf Coach, Shaper and Surfer for over 25 years

More time in the water doesn't Equal Progression

Land based training has been the missing link for thousands of surfers

No two waves are the same, so how do you practice the same thing over and over? If your body and mind don’t actually know what the movement is, how it should feel and how it interacts with your board, how do you know what to do and how do you know if its right or wrong?

The Accelerated Surfing Program breaks down all of your surfing to destroy bad habits and rebuild positive habits on land that directly translate to your surfing. By learning the concepts, practicing the drills and adopting the techniques in the program you will gain muscle memory, allowing you to repeat these movements on command in the water, as if you’re surfing on autopilot.

What Current Students are Saying

Sneak peak at the course

By the end of the program, you won't even recognise your past surfing

What you'll learn

retrain your body and mind on land, for success in the water

Across 8 distinct course modules and over 200+ videos, you'll learn all about:


Rule the lineup, effortlessly catch more waves, understand and know exactly which waves you want and how to properly tap in the waves power sources to generate speed and flow. Be the surfer that gets the waves of the day and not the scraps.


Dominate your fears, take back your confidence, bring back the stoke, learn flow and rule out freezing in the moment. Turn moments of fright into moments of exhilaration, reframe your mind to allow you to get the waves of your life and be in charge. Never miss another session or wave because you held back.


It’s always about style and style is simply proper technique done effortlessly. Economy of motion. Learn exactly how to move your body, co-ordinate it for one sole purpose and say goodbye to flailing arms and feeling dead in the water, struggling to build speed, power and flow. Simulate surfing on land and you’ll be repeating every movement on command in the water.


Stop wasting money on new boards, take control of the board and let it follow your commands instead of feeling like a fight. Learn how every movement and shift of weight transfers to your board. When it finally comes time to upgrade to a new board, you’ll know exactly what to look for to ensure you’re surifng at your best and you’re not wasting money.

Who's this program for?

say goodbye to bad habits, regardless of skill, age or location

Whether your surfing 1ft or 6ft surf, never skated before or have been surfing your whole life, the program will retrain and replace bad habits in your surfing and train good habits, understanding, awareness and critical analysis of your own surfing. 

If you’re learning to surf or skate, its even better as you have minimal to no bad habits to replace, which will translate to a faster progression simply training good habits from the start.

Everything included in the program

A Lifetime of Value

Surfing doesn't have to be frustrating

Start frothing after each session, regardless of what the waves were doing

Do you leave the surf thinking I didn’t get any waves or I only got that one good wave? Head into every surf pumped and take the best waves for yourself. 

Within a week, your surfing will rapidly progress as you suddenly start noticing, analysing and critiquing your own surfing, the conditions and every other surfer. You will suddenly unlock all the missing links between good surfing and bad and begin understanding how to fix them.

Course Curriculum

Every Module that will change your surfing

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you have lifetime access to the program and it’ll record and keep your progress or you can clear it and start again when you want to refresh

You can access the program through our platform on our website, either on your computer, tablet or phone.

An app is in development and you will be notified when it launches so you can train anywhere at anytime and even use it without internet

A new surfboard is amazing, feels great and gets us excited, but doesn’t suddenly make us a better surfer.

Starting on the accelerated surfing program is an investment into your surfing technique, knowledge and ability. This will ensure on any surfboard you will be able to perform as you will be able to control the surfboard based on its design to perform the way you want it.

No you don’t need any equipment to start. Not even a surfboard. 

Across the program as you progress, you will want to get a surf skateboard and bosu ball to continue working on the drills, but you can start and have plenty of training to do before you get to those parts. Feel free to try the program before you buy the gear. 

You can any of the individual 8 modules through or website. The Accelerated Surfing Program ensures you have no gaps in your knowledge, ability, technique or style. It will ensure you’re getting the best waves at your beach and your doing your best surfing.

No, more time in the water doesn’t equal faster progression. It simply compounds bad habits, if you want to progress your surfing, you need to break the chains of bad habits and build muscle memory. When we are surfing, the time on the wave is minimal and probably counts for minutes in an hour. So using land training drills you can build the muscle memory and then take that to the ocean and repeat the movements on command. Ready for your next surf trip!

Yes, at check out, select the payment plan options and you can pay for the program in smaller instalments over a few months?

We believe so strongly in this program and it has helped thousands of surfers improve their surfing that we are happy to offer a 30 day money back guarantee for you to try it out. This is a game changing program and we want you to feel like you can try it out without fear of it being a waste of money.

Try the program, use it, practice at home and if you don’t feel the program has provided you any value or isn’t helping you, simply contact us and we’ll sort it out. It’s that easy.

take the pressure out of surfing

Steve Burns, "My mates didn't even recognise me surfing"

Steve thought he had to spend more time in the water to progress his surfing. The Accelerated Surfing Program was the first time surfing and the actual movements and mechanics of surfing had been broken down so easily for him, that he could then apply it. It’s taken all the pressure out of surfing for him. The program is just so simple.

Where will your surfing be in 30 days?

for the price of a newboard, you could have a lifetime of technique and style

Where will your surfing be in 30 days? Visualise it. Where will it be in a year? Three years? What does it look like? What’s changed?

What’s been holding your surfing back all this time and preventing you from getting there? What will you have done to get you there and why will it be the best thing you’ve done for your surfing?

The Accelerated Surfing Program walks you through entire process of retraining your mind and body to remove bad habits, foster good surfing habits, technique, style and bring back the stoke to each session.

Start now and see how far your surfing will progress in 30 days or your money back.

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