App Faqs

Once you have purchased a program, it will appear at the top of the App Home page and will show up in the “Your Programs” section and the bottom tab section. 

Downloaded programs can only be accessed within the app.

Every program has a cloud symbol next to it. Simply click it to download it and it will begin. 

To access them when offline, click on the “Your Programs” Tab and downloaded programs.

To delete a downloaded program, click on the cloud icon with a tick in it and a pop up will ask if you want to delete it.

Yes, your progress is carried over between the app and the website. You can pick up where you left off.

ombE Faqs

Yes, you have lifetime access to the program and it’ll record and keep your progress or you can clear it and start again when you want to refresh

You can any of the individual 8 modules through or website. The Accelerated Surfing Program ensures you have no gaps in your knowledge, ability, technique or style. It will ensure you’re getting the best waves at your beach and your doing your best surfing.

No, more time in the water doesn’t equal faster progression. It simply compounds bad habits, if you want to progress your surfing, you need to break the chains of bad habits and build muscle memory. When we are surfing, the time on the wave is minimal and probably counts for minutes in an hour. So using land training drills you can build the muscle memory and then take that to the ocean and repeat the movements on command. Ready for your next surf trip!

Yes, see our website for details

See our website for more details

We believe so strongly in this program and it has helped thousands of surfers improve their surfing that we are happy to offer a 30 day money back guarantee for you to try it out. This is a game changing program and we want you to feel like you can try it out without fear of it being a waste of money.

Try the program, use it, practice at home and if you don’t feel the program has provided you any value or isn’t helping you, simply contact us and we’ll sort it out. It’s that easy.