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Establishing a Baseline – The Most Important Step

Get a baseline

Film your surfing or your land-based drills right now.

Establish how you are currently surfing or moving. Review it and watch it over for a while. Are you happy with it? Where are you in terms of OMBE?

  • Ocean – Where are you on the wave? On the shoulder? Are you using the power zones?
  • Mind – Where’s your headspace at? Are you calm, excited or anxious and scared?
  • Body – Are you tense or are you relaxed? Do you have limitations in your movement?
  • Equipment – Are you on the right equipment? Is it helping you or hindering your ability to surf?

The biggest win is stacking small wins on top of each other

The best way to progress is not to focus on big wins and doing one thing perfectly, it’s small changes that add up. For example, simply perfecting your stance, i.e. the way you stand on your board, will affect EVERYTHING in your surfing. Then on to the next small thing.

Surfer Analysis Tool

To improve you must be aware of how you’re currently surfing.

Our Surfer Analysis will guide you through identifying where your surfing is at. You can do it while reviewing your own surfing.

If you have already done it, re-assess yourself using the Surfer Analysis and take that as your baseline for this 12 Week Program.

Surf Hacks

Post your baseline in the OMBE Insiders Facebook group, share what you want to work on and get some feedback from the community.


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