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Trigger Words – Tricking Your Mind into Auto-Pilot

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  • Coffee cup
  • Cardboard Slide
  • Walk up
  • Oreo Biscuit
  • Kiss the knees

These are all trigger words. They may seem weird at first, but they’ll change the way you train and repeat the movements in the ocean.

Why you need to use trigger words

Trigger words need to become the backbone of your training.

The purpose is to simplify how much you need to think about a movement. For example, performing a twist involved many steps that are difficult to remember:

  1. Be in the Neutral Stance
  2. Start with the head – head leads the way
  3. Look where you want to go to
  4. Shoulders follow the head and open up the body
  5. Arms follow the shoulders and initiate the twist
  6. Get the front arm/shoulder out of the way to allow your body to open up further
  7. Continue twisting, engage the hips and continue transferring the torque down your body
  8. Allow the knees to kiss and transfer the torque to your feet and board
  9. Continue looking where you want to go and draw out the turn
  10. Get ready to rebound off the foam

Instead, we just use the trigger word

“Pass the Coffee Cup”

It’s a drastic simplification.

Through training, drills and muscle memory, your brain will remember all the movements and associate them with these trigger words. Then, when you say “pass the coffee cup” your body will start doing all the required movements on its own without you bringing tension, stress or distractions to your surfing.

How to train with trigger words

For every drill you do, every movement you practice, either take our trigger words or make your own. Choose a trigger word that you will remember the best and that has the most meaning to you.

We will include trigger words for every drill that we use as a recommendation.

Every time you practice something, say the trigger word out loud. Alternatively, train with a partner who will call out the trigger words to you, requiring you to do the movement.

This will drill those movements to that word over and over.

A trigger word is also a pattern interrupter. If you are feeling out of sorts, not surfing or training how you want to be. Reset and go back to the trigger word. It will help to interrupt what is going wrong in your surfing and focus on one aspect.

Taking it to the beach

As you wait for waves, pick one trigger word and keep that in your mind. It is easier and faster to train one change in your surfing at a time. Either keep thinking about that trigger word or say it out loud as you go to repeat the movement.

That’s it. Simple, but total game-changer.