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Foundations are critical

Although each week will bring a new focus, do not give up on the foundations. these need to be trained continuously over the years.

Film everything you do – the video never lies

The most effective tool to maximising your training is to film it all. Video footage creates a feedback loop for you to review your performance. If it feels wrong, it will look wrong; if it looks wrong, it won’t be the right feeling.

Film all your land-based training; it’s easy and is incredibly rewarding to look back at later and see the improvements you’ve made.

Don’t film the surfing; just chill and have fun. Also, don’t be stressed or take tension into the surf. You’ll surf so much better than taking the pressure of having to perform.

The fastest way to learn is to teach others

Ask your friends how to do things, and give them feedback and explain how to do a particular technique. Teaching others cement your knowledge.