Get The Right Board

Change the way you look at your surfboard and the way you approach your surfing forever

Don’t throw your Happiness Away on A Bad board Choice

Most surfers lie about their skill level and get the wrong board

If you don’t know the key elements of a surfboard design how are you supposed to use it to its full potential

  • Do you think if you get a high performance surfboard you will surf better? 
  • Do you randomly grab a surfboard from the rack because it feels good good under your arm?
  • Do you know the basic science behind your board design? 
  • Do you buy imported labels rather than functional boards for your ability and local surf?
  • Do you buy your favourite pros surfboard to improve your surfing?

Why does this board suck and this one go good?

All the information you need to get the right board so you have better surfs.

Understand Surfboard Langauge

  • Understand surfboards design to get the most out of it
  • Save thousands of dollars in bad board choices
  • Learn how the different functions of a surfboard impact your surfing
  • Pick the best possible surfboards for your next surf trip
  • Relate how your board goes and feels to a design aspect
  • Walk into a surf shop and know what board will work for you


Learn from a shaper with way too many years of experience in the surfboard building industry.

Clayton Nienaber has shaped boards for some of the world’s best surfers like Dane Reynolds, Ricky Basnett, Travis Logie, Jamie O’Brien and even Kelly Slater has ridden his shapes.

Clayton also helped develop the Spine-Tek technology for Shapers, which is now used globally in all of the EPS Channel Islands’ boards. 

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