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Breaking Down the 3 Levels of Surfing

Be honest

It is key that you understand the progression from beginner to intermediate to advanced and how the waves they surf and board they use are different.

Beginners surf the bottom part of the wave with long thick and high volume boards. Intermediates surf the middle part of the wave (horizontal surfing) and they tend to choose boards that are oval. very wide and short. Advance surf top to bottom (vertical surfing) and they have the ability to surf in a type of surfboard.

You have to be honest with yourself! If you’re learning how to balance on a board and you haven’t done turns yet, don’t rush out and buy an intermediate board, you’re not ready for it yet. But if you’re riding your intermediate board, and you’re at a level where you want to start turning and you feel the board’s holding you back, that is a great time to then change.


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