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Dive into an unmatched surf experience with OMBE and Malibu Popoyo, where expert coaching and eco-luxury collide. Set in a surfer’s paradise, this retreat is designed for those looking to enhance their skills on the waves, offering a combination of personalized coaching, the OMBE method, and hands-on wave sessions. Beyond surfing, enjoy organic cuisine, luxurious accommodations, and the camaraderie of fellow surf enthusiasts. Whether you’re navigating your first wave or seeking to deepen your technique, OMBE and Malibu Popoyo provide a transformative backdrop for growth, relaxation, and adventure. Ready for an experience that’s as enriching as it is exhilarating? Join us for a journey that redefines the essence of surfing.

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What’s in the Package?

  • Solo Chill: You get a single room all to yourself at the stunning Malibu Popoyo resort for the whole surf week. Wanna stay longer? Just check if there’s room!
  • Grub’s Up: They’ve got you covered with a full meal plan. Just a heads up, though – if you’re craving alcoholic drinks, smoothies, or kombuchas, that’s on your dime.
  • Surf’s Up: Daily surf guiding and top-notch coaching with the OMBE method are part of the deal. Get ready to up your surf game!
  • Ride in Style: They’ll sort you out with airport transfers to and from MGA international airport on day 1 and the last day. Need a lift from LIR airport? They can make it happen for an extra fee.
  • Extras: Fancy a spa day, more rides, adventures, or need to rent a board? Just hit up the front desk when you check in.

The Fine Print (aka Cancellation Policy)


  • Plan Ahead: You’re all set to cancel or change your booking without any fees up to 60 days before your surf week kicks off at 11 AM. Got a first deposit? No worries, you can hand it over to a buddy or keep it in your pocket for another adventure with us. But, keep in mind, the second or final deposit is a bit stickier – it’s non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Last-Minute Changes: If you find yourself needing to cancel late in the game, you’ll have to cover the full cost, taxes on top. It’s like buying a concert ticket; once you’re close to the show date, it’s yours to keep or sell.
  • Nature Calls: We all know Mother Nature has her own plans. If she decides to throw a hurricane or flood our way, making conditions too wild, we might have to call off the retreat. Now, we wouldn’t just cancel and leave you hanging. If weather plays spoilsport, we’ll look to reschedule the camp to a better time. However, keep in mind, there are no refunds for weather disruptions. This is where “Cancel for Any Reason” travel insurance comes into play. Especially recommended from May to November (our rainy season), this insurance is your safety net for any unexpected twists, covering you if the rescheduled dates don’t work or if you encounter additional costs to make changes.
  • Be Insured: Life’s a bit unpredictable, isn’t it? That’s why we ask all our surf adventurers to have “Cancel for Any Reason” travel insurance. It’s not just about the weather; it’s about being prepared for any curveball, ensuring you’re covered for whatever comes your way.

Booking and Contact

OMBE and Malibu Popoyo are teaming up for these retreats, but Malibu Popoyo’s handling all the booking details. If you need to chat about your stay or have questions, please reach out on details below: