LEarn to interact and Feel the waves energy

let the wave do the work and surf with less effort and more style

Developed by Clayton Nienaber
Professional Surf Coach, Shaper and Surfer for over 25 years

Most Surfers don't know how to interact with the ocean

Develop a relationship with the waves and their energy

Stylish and good surfing comes from good technique and a relationship with the water, they know how to use the waves energy and seem to always be in the right place at the right time. Most surfers don’t know how to interact with the water, what to feel and how to feel that energy. A sudden surge of energy is often thought of as you’re about to go over the falls or are out of control. 

Learn to feel that lift, to identify the waves energy, seek it out and become comfortable in the moment. The Waterman Program will progress you through the stages of feeling this out, simplifying it , so you can develop an intuitive relationship with the water, unlocking a unique rhythm that surfers refer to as flow.

What Current Students are Saying

Sneak peak at the course

By the end of the program, you won't even recognise your previous surfing

What you'll learn

Learn to interact with the oceans energy and how to let it do the work

Across 5 distinct topics, you'll learn about:


Learn how to interact with the water, learn how to feel the different power zones through body surfing. This is the closest you can get to feeling and tapping into the power zones. 

using the rail

Start tapping into that energy by using a rail. By jumping on a bodyboard, you can start to feel how the waves energy will interact with a board will maintaining direct control over the board. Learn to use the rails and feel how to tap into the energy.

going finless

By surfing finless, you’ll take the lessons of the body board but take it a step further. Surfing finless will highlight issues in your stance and technique. You must surf in a neutral stance, follow the flow of water and have control over your body, otherwise you can’t tap into the waves energy.

adding fins

Take the technique onto a twin fin (remove a fin if you don’t have a twinny) and learn to flow with the water. A twin fin will remove the stabilizing middle fin, you now won’t be able to push heavy or muscling your way through turns. You must adopt the technique from body surfing and proper technique or else you will fall. 


Now compile everything together to surf a thruster. Ensure you flow with the water, tap into the energy and maintain proper technique. Know the feeling and enter flow.

Who's this program for?

The feeling and relationship every surfer needs

Whether you’ve been surfing all your life or are just starting, by understanding and practicing these principles and techniques your surfing will change forever. To be able to feel the waves energy and know how to feel it, comes from understanding of that energy, a relationship with the ocean and deliberately tapping into it. Most surfers don’t have this relationship, regardless of skill and experience, start developing it.

Everything included in the program

A Lifetime of Value

Where will your surfing be in 30 days?

Surfing doesn't have to be a struggle for power and speed

Start tapping into the waves energy

Do you often find yourself surfing and struggling to get any speed or power? Constantly trying to pump down the line hoping something will stand up and let you do something? Do you often feel out of place? By simply learning to feel the waves energy, you will change your surfing forever, you’ll know where to be and be able to place yourself there. You’ll find speed and power naturally come to you, with minimal effort, as you let the wave do the work.

Course Curriculum

Every Lesson, drill and tip that will change your surfing

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you have lifetime access to the program and it’ll record and keep your progress or you can clear it and start again when you want to refresh

You can access the program through our platform on our website, either on your computer, tablet or phone.

An app is in development and you will be notified when it launches so you can train anywhere at anytime and even use it without internet

A new surfboard is amazing, feels great and gets us excited, but doesn’t suddenly make us a better surfer.

Starting on the accelerated surfing program is an investment into your surfing technique, knowledge and ability. This will ensure on any surfboard you will be able to perform as you will be able to control the surfboard based on its design to perform the way you want it.

You don’t need any equipment to start, you start body surfing and will progress to a body board and then your surfboard. You can start the program, try it out and then get a body board if you need. Any will do, cheap ones are fine.

This module is based entirely in the water so you’ll need access to waves. Small is fine. Any size you are comfortable in.

The Waterman Program links to everything you do in surfing. This focuses on what you do while surfing and will build upon technique and every other module.

Yes, at check out, select the payment plan options and you can pay for the program in smaller instalments over a few months?

We believe so strongly in this program and it has helped thousands of surfers improve their surfing that we are happy to offer a 30 day money back guarantee for you to try it out. This is a game changing program and we want you to feel like you can try it out without fear of it being a waste of money.

Try the program, use it, practice at home and if you don’t feel the program has provided you any value or isn’t helping you, simply contact us and we’ll sort it out. It’s that easy.

take the pressure out of surfing

Steve Burns, "My mates didn't even recognise me surfing"

Steve thought he had to spend more time in the water to progress his surfing. This was the first time surfing and the actual movements and mechanics of surfing had been broken down so easily for him, that he could then apply it. It’s taken all the pressure out of surfing for him. The program is just so simple.

Where will your surfing be in 30 days?

Start surfing with speed, power and flow

How much will your surfing improve if you were to let the wave do the work? If you could feel the energy within the wave and know what it will let you do? If you could place yourself always in the right place and surf with minimal effort? The Waterman Program will teach you how to develop an intrinsic relationship with the water so you can enter flow every time you surf.

Start now and see how far your surfing will progress in 30 days or your money back.

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